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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Placement

Treatment Center Help has a network of Rehab Centers across the United States.

Rehab Placement

Our Mission

At Treatment Center Help our main focus is to find you or your loved one the best available treatment based on your individual needs.


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The first step in the process of starting a new life is to reach out for help. Call 1-844-828-9288 to speak with one of our addiction specialist who understand where you are and where you want to be.


Once you have successfully completed detox, the real work begins, you will work with experts to explore the root cause of your addiction, and develop tools to help overcome and conquer them.

Detoxification Period

Medical detox is designed to remove all of the drugs and alcohol from your body while keeping you as comfortable and safe as possible.

After Care

After the rehabilitation process, you are now ready to begin the road to long term recovery. Our team of professionals will be there to guide you through this challenging and rewarding process. Explore IOP and Sober Living options and set a foundation for your recovery. To further understand sober living visit one of our partner providers and check our their Philadelphia Recovery House, Philadelphia Recovery Residences .

We work with the best facilities across the US

At Treatment Center Help we pride ourselves in saving the lives of those who suffer from the same addictions we suffered with personally. We work with facilities nationwide that specialize in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. With all the options available nationwide we understand how difficult it could be to find the best care possible. So we simplified the process of finding the best rehab facility by personally visiting many centers and hand picking the facilities we grew to trust . Treatment Center Help works only with drug and alcohol treatment centers that are fully accredited and provide the highest levels of expertise and care for their patients.

Freedom begins with you

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Once you or your loved one arrives at one of the preferred centers, you will be welcomed with open and comforting arms. Depending on the situation drug detox treatment may be necessary. Detox may last just a few short days to a couple weeks. Our caring medical professionals will carefully monitor every step of your progress and make it a comfortable transition as you begin your new journey.

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The PHP – Drug and Alcohol Treatment program includes a holistic therapeutic approach. Our highly personalized program includes a structured curriculum that incorporates small group meetings, 12-step meetings, gender and age specific groups, Christian groups, a First Responder program, case management services, aftercare, life skills, recreation and support for family and friends with weekend visits and therapy sessions. Our program is designed in a way to continuously provide a sense of security as well as on-going support through your life changing journey. Your sobriety will always remain our number one priority.

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When you and your counselor determine that you are ready to make the transition back to your day-to-day life, you will work together to develop an aftercare plan. This plan will guide you through your daily life and help you maintain your sobriety, even when times are tough. Usually your aftercare plan will consist of some type of Outpatient level of care.

Our Outpatient programs provide:

• Placement into sober-living and halfway house communities nearby if needed
• Transportation from home or work to treatment
• Small group sessions
• Masters-level therapists
• Gender-specific groups
• Morning, afternoon and evening sessions
• Life skills
• Job search assistance

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Together, we can start, On The Road to Recovery

Learn how you can help a loved one struggling with drug addiction.

Not every addict realizes the extent of their addiction. If you or someone you love abuses drugs, you don’t have to get clean on your own. Treatment Center Help will connect you with the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country. No one is immune to addiction. Getting to the bottom of addiction requires patients to deal with their own particular stressors and triggers so they can stay drug-free when they return home. Working with us at Treatment Center Help gives you the opportunity to work with addiction therapists, doctors, nurses, and psychologists in order to fully treat every aspect of your addiction as well as find out how it manifested.

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Variety of Treatment Programs

– 12 step based
– Faith based
– Co-occurring disorder Treatment
– Cognitive behavioral Treatment
– Suboxone Vivitrol Treatment
– Dual diagnosis Treatment
– Christian tracks
– Holistic
– Family programs
– Aftercare programs
– Gender specific programs

Treatment Match

Our trained addiction specialists will conduct a pre-screening in order to determine which treatment facility would best match the individual needs

Levels of Care

– Medical Detox
– Non Medical Detox
– Inpatient Treatment
– Residential Treatment
– PHP Treatment
– IOP Treatment
– OP Treatment
– Sober Living