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Benefits of exercise and fitness in recovery.

There are many benefits of exercise in recovery.

When trying to recover from the grips of drug and alcohol addiction, what better way to get your body back to normal than to exercise? I know, I know, it may not be your favorite thing to do, but it does have so many benefits. Regular workouts and physically activity can be an integral part of your efforts to stay clean and sober. Many studies suggest that adding exercise to your “toolbox” of things to help you get another day sober, can only strengthen the effects of recovery. One study showed that exercise leads to a sense of accomplishment; improved health; feeling stronger and increased confidence in staying clean and sober. We all know that when we feel better about ourselves, it is easier to get through the day. Other studies actually show that exercise can give you something known as a “natural high” to replace the artificial highs that you have been craving. Because the body and mind crave endorphins when recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, exercise can be beneficial as those same endorphins are released during a nice workout! When these endorphins are released, they actually give a sense of euphoria and many people in recovery begin to use exercise as a daily pleasurable release. Exercise can also help with sleep troubles, anxiety, depression, and weight gain when abstaining from drugs and alcohol in early recovery. Exercising is also a great way to meet a new person who is doing something that is healthy for themselves as well! We always want to stay around healthy, positive people in recovery. It can also fill up any extra time that you have to just sit around and get into trouble. If you have never exercised or play any sports, just give it a try. I promise, you wont regret it!

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