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What is a Drug Detox Center

Detox Centers are typically the first step of recovery for someone who is currently addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. A  detox center is medically supervised detoxification from any and all mind or mood altering substances in a 24 hour fully monitored facility. The average time spent in a detox center may vary depending on the substances someone is detoxing from. However; the average length of a medically supervised detox is 3-7 days. After the patient has completed the detox treatment process they will then move on to the next step in their journey to a Rehabilitation Center.

Is a Detox Center the same as a drug rehab center? No, Detox Centers much different than a standard inpatient or partial hospitalization program. Detox is a medically supervised process of removing all of the mind or mood altering substances that a person has been using. A rehabilitation center is the second step to the process where the individual will begin to work on underlying problems that may be key components to their addiction.

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