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Effectiveness of Drug Testing in the Treatment Industry

Urinalysis testing is an important part of a sober home or treatment providers program. When drug testing is done properly it can help monitor medication levels and allow the administration and clinical staff to determine whether or not the client has been using mood or mind altering substances. The question; are those conducting the drug testing administering them properly? Treatment providers in today’s industry should have a proper protocol in place for testing their clients, otherwise the tests administered are meaningless. How often a client is tested? What type of test and for what substances is it being administered for? How is the client supervised when being tested? These are key factors in making the drug testing procedure effective.
It is very important to have a well thought out strategic testing schedules in place. When being tested, the individual should not know when the test is going to be administered. Addicts are very manipulative, any advanced notice of drug testing will allow them the time to fake or alter the test. If a client gets to know the routine of a testing schedule they can also use drugs that will be out of their system before the next test. This is why it is important to have a well organized semi-random test schedule in place.
There is different type of drug testing that can be administered. There is the dip stick test, which tests for a smaller amount of substances only offering a positive or negative outcome. The advantage of the dip stick test is that the client never comes in contact with the testing device, also they are cost effective. The disadvantage is that it reads at higher levels and tests for less substances.

There is a 12 panel cup or a panel cup. This tests a larger variety of substances and tends to read at lower levels than the dipstick test. The advantages to this method of drug testing is similar to the dipstick in which both are an instant test. The disadvantages to the panel cup is the fact that it costs usually 2 to 3 times that of a dipstick test. Another disadvantage is that the client holds the device that is testing them, the panel is built into the cup.

Another option for drug testing is a laboratory test. Laboratory drug testing is sent out to a lab to test for an enormous variety of substances including but not limited to opiates, benzodiazepine, antidepressants, over the counter cough medications etc. The advantages of this form of drug testing is the accuracy and ability to reconfirm. These tests are proven to be 99% accurate. The disadvantage to this form of drug testing is the amount of time it takes to receive results on the urine. It usually takes up to 3 days for results to come in.

The most effective way to administer drug testing would be to implement instant test (panel cups) and also lab testing for more accurate results. Clients should always be monitored when being administered a drug test. This is the most important part of drug testing. When in active addiction, addicts are extremely manipulative. If the individual is given the opportunity to fake or alter the test in any way shape or form they will take advantage of that said opportunity. They must be closely monitored and must not be given any prior notice to the drug testing.

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