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What is a Halfway House

A halfway house is a transitional living home for those looking to recover from drug addiction. All of the roommates in these houses are focused on their sobriety. Fellow residents at the house must attend regular AA and NA meetings as part of their living arrangements. Many halfway houses also engage in sober activities such as, BBQ, trips to the beach, snorkeling, bowling and much more. For more information on halfway houses call us today! 844-828-9288

Is a halfway house the same as a sober living house or recovery house? Yes they are the same concept but different name. Depending on where you are in the country will depend upon what someone would call them.

Is a halfway house the same as a drug rehab center? No halfway houses are NOT a medical facility nor are there any doctors or nurses present on site. Although a Dr. or a Nurse may choose to own one, but often this is not the case.

What Do Halfway Houses Include

Staying clean and sober and living a new way of life, while being re-acclimated with society.

  • Attending AA/NA meetings on a daily basis
  • Working with a AA/NA sponsor
  • Developing a support group
  • Daily prayer and meditation
  • Sober Community Activities
  • Working the 12 steps of AA/NA
  • Random Drug testing and Breathalyzer
  • We also support other recovery based Program

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