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Intensive Outpatient Program/Outpatient Program

IOP is a treatment that provides everything needed to reach sobriety with a more flexible environment. For the smoothest treatment start as early as possible and choose the right place. Success in IOP depends on the right choice of location, just because it has to be away from temptations of substances doesn’t mean it has to be completely desolate and miserable. In fact, the IOP facilities are highly recommended and they come with a nice atmosphere offering plenty of fun activities. Most importantly though, this is guaranteed to help you get clean.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Delray BeachIf you’re serious about saving yourself and loved ones from the side effects of substance abuse this is one of the many things we offer. If you are still worried about other responsibilities and concerns that need to be upheld daily then IOP is definitely one of the programs you should look into. IOP is an intensive outpatient program, which means it is a treatment outside of detox facilities. It is usually recommended after a medical detox and inpatient treatment.

Any and all medical and psychological needs will be attended at an IOP program. Counseling and mental wellness is of course included. Your mind is the greatest and most important part of the human body, and our goal is for you to leave with a healthier and happier one. Fatal withdrawal symptoms are strongly suggested to be taken care of before hand through medical detox. Whichever discussion, in both levels of care you will find the support and care essential. Family is of course welcome to do the same. We know that every person is different, which means every treatment must be planned accordingly to the individual. What substance you used and the time and amount of it also come to play.

Continued Treatment in an IOP Program

These IOP programs have already saved so many people, and yes saved is the right word. Addiction is a serious disease and it doesn’t matter how you developed it but instead what you’re going to so to help it. The IOP program is a flexible treatment for the working person and is also fantastic for the period of time after detox when one can not afford a relapse. Of course, addiction is not affordable at any time. These treatments may cost a lot without insurance, but a dangerous craving for these substances can cost the more along with your life. Please let us help you.

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