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Learn about the Daily life and struggle of Addicts around Kensington Ave in Philadelphia

Pictured above is Jeffrey Stockbridge in his Philadelphia studio. He has spent nearly the last decade documenting addicts along Kensington Ave. He has a blog called the “Kensington Blues”, which features many of the addicts that he has met along the Avenue.

We have all heard of the infamous Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia and all of the horrifying stories that come along with it. We know of Kensington Ave as the place where you can get your hands on any drugs you want. We hear about “the El”. We hear about the drugs, the prostitution, the abandoned homes and the lost, broken souls that get stuck here. But who is on the front lines? Who is fighting to make Kensington better? Or will it just continue to get worse and worse? Pictured above is Jefferey Stockbridge. He has spent nearly a decade on the front lines of Kensington Avenue documenting the tragedies that happen in this black hole. He follows addicts and documents their everyday life. He shows their struggles and their heartbreak. He shows that they are real people just like the rest of us who do not live on Kensington Ave. His blog, Kensington Blues,  started when Stockbridge studied photography at Drexel University. He would photograph the inside of abandoned buildings and he in turn met people who lived in these buildings. These homeless people became his main focus. Most of them were addicted to drugs. He met a woman named Millie who is a part of his blog, Kensington Blues. She led him to Kensington Ave and that is where the blog took off. Stockbridge said he felt lucky that the people featured in his blog felt comfortable enough to open up to him. Stockbridge shows a side of life through his pictures that most of us do not even know about. “They’re going through so much,” Stockbridge said. “When’s the last time anybody asked them how their day was?”


These men and women are going through hell. They see no way out. Many of them have no family left and no support. Kensington Blues published its final post on December 8th.  A book is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2017. If you or a loved one is struggling please reach out before it is too late. There is help. There is hope.


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