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Palm Beach Sober Home Task Force Arrests Kenneth Chatman 

Below : Kenneth Chatman who was arrested during a raid by the Palm Beach Sober Home Task Force.

Kenneth Chatman is the owner of an infamous drug-treatment business accused of pimping out female addicts. It is anticipated that he will plead guilty to the accusations of money laundering, healthcare fraud and sex trafficking. According to court records, investigators had recorded over one hundred phone calls made by Chatman from jail following his arrest in December. There are also nine video recordings and thirty audio recordings that detectives from the Sober Home Task Force set up between victims and Chatman.

Chatman’s treatment center, Reflections in Margate and his sober homes were at the center of many complaints taken to law enforcement as early as 2014. In 2015, Chatman, his wife, three others and two doctors were arrested. The charges against Chatman claim that he made his money by exploiting addicts and their insurance companies. He was paying kickbacks to five different laboratories to test counterfeit urine samples in three different states

Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Villafana said that she had intended to tack on more charges and detain more people involved before the hearing that is to be help on March 15, 2017. In addition, she stated that Chatman and his wife Laura planned to plead guilty. However, Chatman’s attorney, Saam Zangeneh, did not confirm that a plea bargain has or will be reached.

Three other people, who have been arrested, pleaded guilty. This includes Stefan Gatt, who worked at a medical laboratory located in Boca Raton. Gatt pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. He had paid kickbacks so that the lab could test hundreds of fake samples of saliva while informing insurers that they were coming from patients at Chatman’s treatment center. Michael Bonds also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit health care fraud. Bond accepted $240,000 from Chatman in exchange for approximately sixty insured residents from his sober homes to be sent to Reflections treatment center. Fransesia Davis, gave Chatman permission to use her name on ownership documents for Total Recovery Sober Living, a sober home located in West Palm Beach. She would bribe residents with free or reduced rent to attend Chatman’s treatment programs. Davis also forged patients’ records of attendance and would send her own urine or saliva when insured patients were not present. She pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and knowingly allowing drug sales at her sober home.

Dr. Joaqin Mendez and Dr. Donald Willems worked at Reflections. They are accused of ordering drug tests and other procedures that were not medically necessary. Dr. Mendez stated that it is too soon to determine whether or not he will accept a plea deal. It is unlikely that Willems will plead guilty according to the court filing. He is facing charges of using the credentials of other doctors to prescribe opioids and other medications that he did not have the license to prescribe.

These findings are a result of the federal task force called “Operation Thoroughbred”, which along with the Palm Beach County Sober Home Task Force, investigates the corruption of the drug treatment industry in South Florida. The Palm Beach County Sober Home Task Force, which was assembled by Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg, has successfully arrested 15 people, not including those arrested by the federal task force since October for charges ranging from patient brokering to forgery.

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