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PHP Treatment

The step after the Detoxification period is Partial hospitalization. We work with only highly regarded and accredited facilities. These programs offer sober activities, individual and group treatment sessions allow for greater focus on recovery, access to outside and 12 step meetings amongst many other accommodations. All of these facilities offer remarkable 24-hour care and backing.

Most relapses happen in the early phases of recovery. Knowing this it is imperative to have proficient support and structure amid this time. Our network of specialists, recovery technicians and professionals are accessible all day and all night to ensure you are in a safe environment and on the right path towards your recovery. You can be guaranteed that you or your loved one will get complete psychological, physical and emotional addiction treatmentPHP (residential care) is a highly effective way of helping people learn coping skills and techniques to maintain sobriety for years to come.

Delray Beach PHP CenterThere are huge benefits being at a rehab center. One of big ones is keeping you or your loved one away from people places and things that may be psychological triggers in early recovery. Staying at a rehab center, puts people in the best position possible to avoid using drugs and stay away from any environments that can supply them with these substances. Staying away from drugs and alcohol will help minimize triggers, while giving people the best possible chance to absorb the relapse prevention tools as well as recovery fundamentals and principles. As a result, Partial Hospitalization Programs are very effective because they eliminate the people, places and things that trigger relapse.

Once your program has concluded, our discharge planners will be committed in creating an aftercare plan that is tailored to guide you through long-term recovery.


Along with abstaining from drugs and alcohol you will work on core underlying issues as well as learning recovery fundamentals and principles. PHP centers help provide you or your loved ones with education and awareness of these substances and the addiction process in general. Therapists and staff members in our network of facilities teach important tools and techniques to resist addictive cravings. With this education and awareness, people will have the opportunity to learn about the harmful effects of drugs as well as how and why they became addicted in the first place. This will then enable people to see the negative aspects of addiction in a broader light and become more inclined to avoid drugs and alcohol. PHP Programs also offer essential skills and training for patients reentering the workplace and society as a whole. Our main goal is to save lives, restore families, and build a stronger community.

A standard evaluation will be administered along with a 100% natural supplement recovery kit to aid in cleansing and easing withdrawal symptoms. In addition to these natural resources, we will also provide weekly chiropractic services.
We believe connecting with the community and experiencing healthy social interactions as well as activities can aid in the bodies physical and mental healing process. It is this belief that encouraged our facility to provide over 100 groups and activities to choose from weekly. Here at our PHP, we encourage the celebration of recovery nightly by visiting our 12-step meetings.
Once your program has concluded, our discharge planners will be committed in creating an aftercare plan that is tailored to guide you through long-term recovery.

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